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I have always loved photography. When I was a young child I would go through a few rolls of disposable film a week. (Bless my parent's hearts for paying for my obsession! -And I still have that old film camera by the way!) Once digital cameras came out, I took even more pictures and loved every minute of it. 

Photography never stopped being a part of my life, but it wasn't until the summer of 2014 I really considered making a career out of it. I was never 'in it' for the money, so it never really occurred to me I should do it as my job. I just truly enjoyed taking photos, and finally realized I could share that joy with others.


Fast forward a few years, and along the way I earned my degree in Photography and Graphic Design from UW-Green Bay. I also met and married my husband, Cory Lauersdorf. Together we have 3 fur children - Clarice and Rina (tuxedo cat litter mates) and Riley, a rambunctious miniature dachshund. 

There is absolutely nothing I'd rather do in my life than take pictures. I truly love being behind the camera and seeing what I am able to create with just my camera, imagination, and some lenses. I am blessed to be able to do this as a 'job'.


Choosing a photographer, especially one for your wedding, is an incredibly important decision. Loving their work is only part of it; your photographer should also be someone you get along with and trust. If that person ends up being me, I promise not to take that responsibility lightly! If you hire me, I will put my whole heart into creating photos that will last a life time, and I pride myself on making sure your photos are everything you've dreamed of and more!

I'd love to hear from you whether it's as a prospective client or just to say hi! Shoot me a message anytime!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Sam Lauersdorf,  Owner/Photographer

Clarice always loves to be near me; I often leave my cameras on the spare bed while I edit, and she decided it was the perfect pillow!

Cory and I at Cades Cove in Tennessee

Our newest addition, Riley at 3 months old

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